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New learnings unveil humanity’s shortcomings – how do they feel?

Gabrielle Merite. Proper noun. Scientist-Turned-Designer powered by plants and activism.

She is not: a graphic designer with 30+ years experience or qualified in fine arts.
She is: a Science graduate, creative, analyst, advocate for humanity, cat lady and feeling awkward writing this at the third person.

I specialize in provocative imagery that ignites imagination, inspires and sometimes shocks. Deeply passionate about social justice and our responsibility as humans to be there for one another, I choose to communicates analytic findings with honesty, rawness and compassion. My mission is simple. To help ethically-driven organisations uncover important truths and share stories with intention.

In my work, the faces behind behind the figures matter. In places where numbers are usually found, I use faces. Because subjects aren’t dots. Quite often, they’re people. Like you (and me).

Offering a collaborative approach, I become a member of your team, breathing life into numbers so your audience truly *feels* their importance.

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Partial Clients List


MIT Technology Review

Harvard University


WeTransfer & WePresent

United Nations


World Bank

RAND Corporation

Inserm / National Institute of Health and Research in France

ANRS: French Agency for Research on AIDS and Viral Hepatitis

ViiV HealthCare

Embassy of France in the United States

… And others!

Where you’ll find me sometimes

Watering my 100+ plants

Reading scientific papers about how many people don’t like cucumbers

Flying like Spiderman

Upside Down on a wire, up in the air