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New learnings unveil humanity’s shortcomings – how do they feel?

Gabrielle Merite. Proper noun.
Scientist-Turned-Designer powered by plants, research and activism.

Gabrielle specializes in provocative imagery that ignites imagination, inspires and sometimes shocks. Deeply passionate about social justice and our responsibility as humans to be there for one another, Gabrielle chooses to communicates analytic findings with honesty, rawness and compassion. Her mission is simple. To help ethically-driven organisations uncover important truths and share stories with intention.

In her work, the faces behind behind the figures matter. In places where numbers are usually found, Gabrielle use faces. Because subjects aren’t dots. Quite often, they’re people. Like you (and Gabby).

Offering a collaborative approach, Gabrielle becomes a member of your team, breathing life into numbers so your audience truly *feels* their importance.

Gabrielle works with:

Those who uncover important truths and would like to share stories with intention.

World Bank, MIT Technology Review, BUCK Harvard University, L’Oréal, WeTransfer & WePresent, United Nations, UNICEF, RAND Corporation, the Smithsonian Institute, Inserm / National Institute of Health and Research in France ANRS: French Agency for Research on AIDS and Viral Hepatitis, ViiV HealthCare Embassy of France in the United States….