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Designs with a soul

Gabrielle Merite. Proper noun. Scientist powered by plants and activism. I am not: a graphic designer with 30+ years experience or qualified in fine arts. I am: a Science graduate, creative, analyst, advocate for humanity, cat lady and feeling awkward writing this.

Scientific-Journalist-turned-Artist, Data Visualiser, I bring a bright, cheerful element to data visualization. Respecting the history of science and reviving modern elements with collages, textures and photos – I am passionate about revealing truths, social justice, activism and humanity.

While other data visualization experts create more feminine, hand-drawn or computer-generated designs. I come with an informed background in science. I use real human photography with a retro feel. Teamed with insightful data presentation designed to connect with the reader and elicit emotive connections.

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United Nations – Department of Political and Peacebuilding Affairs



Bully Pulpit Interactive

Inserm: National Institute of Health and Research in France

ANRS: French Agency for Research on AIDS and Viral Hepatitis

Pasteur Institute & International Network

TCC Group

ViiV HealthCare

Embassy of France in the United States


Agil Technologies

Press & Features