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Create stories that connect people and inspire real action. Backed by data.

Welcome to my new digital home—a place that goes beyond a simple portfolio. 2024 is a year of change. Five years since my last update, it was time for something fresh. Explore resources for mastering dataviz, new ways of storytelling, and some of the most impactful projects I've been involved in, always driven by my passion for social change.
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services - Data-driven Identity / Data Visualization Guidelines / Data Illustration / Print Design / Art Direction /Digital Design /  Strategy/ Communication Campaigns

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Iwish I could personally mentor every aspiring data designers. Alas, that’s not possible. Instead, I strive to contribute through various platforms, podcasts, conferences, and more.

While I may not be able to hold your hand every step of the way, I hope these free resources can support those who are eager to learn and make a positive impact with data visualization.

Everything you wanted to learn about data visualization business and creativity, 100% honesty & laughs.

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Design system, creativity, art direction, data story... in speaking & writing.

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