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ViiV HealthCare
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ViiV HealthCare

Community Giving Report 2019: it was designed to be an accessible compendium incorporating the diverse programs of ViiV HealthCare for the HIV population, metrics, testimonials, success, and diagrammatic explanations of complex ideas.


I developed seven maps: one for each sub-program and one for the global success numbers of the program. Each one has its own characteristics: events, budget, persons... Overall, they form a consistent report easy to read through.


To celebrate their report and share it with their community, I created and coded a newsletter highlighting the main figures & announcements. I also implemented a template for them to reuse across their different mailing campaigns with branding elements like hero, footer and icons.

ViiV HealthCare

The TCC Group reached out to me to execute their client ViiV HealthCare annual report and mailing announcement.
Front Cover, Layout, Data Visualization, Coding, Implementation.

February 20, 2020