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UNICEF – Policy Guidance on AI for Children
  -    -  UNICEF – Policy Guidance on AI for Children

Policy Guidance on AI for Children

The report was designed with the support of UNICEF Office of Global Insight & Policy's team and based on the brand identity created by MacWell Agency. While AI is a force for innovation, it also poses risks for children and their rights, such as to their privacy, safety and security. UNICEF has developed a guidance to promote children's rights in government and private sector AI policies and practices, and to raise awareness of how AI systems can uphold or undermine these rights. Through AI-inspired gradients and photographies, we brought to life the children's concerns expressed during the workshop & showcased UNICEF's recommendations.

Client: UNICEF
Role: Editorial Designer & Collage Illustrator

Tools to Operationalize

Building on the foundations, the Policy guidance offers nine requirements for child-centered AI and provides tools to operationalize the guidance. These Tools to operationalize the UNICEF policy guidance on AI for children document include a roadmap for policy makers and a Development Canvas.